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Write a short not on the prose style of robert lyndi​

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Robert is one of the most outstanding and certainly one of the most delightful, of modern essayists. Like most of the modern essayist he possesses, to a high degree, the ability to write on any topic howsoever trivial it may be, and he can discover a wealth of meaning in an object which to a common eye may appear without much significance. This reminds us of what Hugh Walker has to say in this connection in his book "The English Essay and the Essayists"-"Apparently, there is no subject, from the stars to the dust heap and from the amoeba to man, which may not be dealt with in an essay". With the modern essayist the range of the subject- matter of the essay has become the widest. In the past, essayists like Bacon wrote on very serious and weighty topics like "Of Truth", "Of Empire", and "Of Great Place", "Noises" and "On the advantages of having one leg". But ~e must not forget that Bacon was not writing for the common man. He was writing his essays as pieces of advice for the highly -placed individuals like politicians, judges and administrators. Hence the subject had to be serious and relevant to their purpose. The modern essayist is basically a journalist and a journalist addresses a common man. About Chesterton one modern Critic has said that Chesterton's philosophy" is sublimated public opinion minus the opinion of the intellectuals."

About Robert we can say that there is no subject which is too trivial or too insignificant for his consideration. He is often reflective and writes with sympathy on all subjects. He can trip from one mood to another, from the the grave, from the seemingly frivolous to the sober and thoughtful vein.

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