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Activity II. Check the following sentences and correct the ones the ones that are incorrect.0. She is watching TV. ✓ 0. We are studing for a test. X We are studying for a test1. They are useing pencils to write. 2. I’am swiming. 3. They’re talking a lot. 4. They is writeing a test. 5. We are having breakfast. 6. They are speaking? 7. Eliza and Damian is visiting their parents. 8. She now is listening music. 9. You and I am flying this afternoon. 10. My parents is drinking some water. 11. Are your brother playing soccer? 12. My friends is writting some letters. 13. Peter and Harry are cooking. 14. Is he climbing a mountain? 15. A group of people are walking around.

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ahí te lo resuelvo

1) They are using pencils to write.

2) I'm/I am swiming.

3) ✓

4) He is writing a test.

5) ✓

6) Are they speaking?

7) Eliza and Damian are visiting their parents.

8) Now, she is listening to music.

9) You and I are flying this afternoon.

10) My parents are drinking some water.

11) Is your brother playing soccer?

12) My friends are writting some letters.

13) ✓

14) ✓

15) ✓

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