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C.- Completa las siguientes oraciones con la forma del verbo correcta.1. I (cut) my arm while I (talk) to my mother.2. While the little girl (listen) to the rain, she (fall) asleep.3. It (start) to rain while they English.4. While the family (watch) a movie, the doorbell (ring).(study) 5. While I (call).(write) a letter to my sister, the doctor 6. The tornado (hit) while the men (walk) to work.7. While he (open).(drink) some water, the door 8. While the girl (ride) on the bus, she (hit) her head.9. While the woman (put) on her make-up, she (hear) the crash.10. The power (brush) my hair.(go) out while I _

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1. I cut my arm while I was talking to muy mother.

2. While the little girl was listening to the rain, she fell asleep

3. It started to rain while they were studying English.

4. While the family was watching a movie, the doorbell rang.

5. While I was writting a letter to my sister, the doctoer called

6. The tornado hit while the men where walking to work.

7. While he was drinking some water, the door opened.

8. While the girl was riding on the bus, she hit her head.

9. While the woman was putting on her make-up, she heard the carsh.

10. The power went out while I was brushing my hair.

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