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Write an Art Integration Project about the culture of Ladakh and West Bengal.​

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About Art & Culture of Ladakh

The first observation that a tourist has upon visiting Ladakh for the first time is the strong influence of Tibetan culture. The words “mini Tibet” will immediately be uttered by those that have been to Tibet at some point or the other.

From the costumes worn by the people to their cuisine, almost everything is heavily influenced by Tibetan culture & Buddhism. However, despite this, the culture of Ladakh is rich and fascinating.

The demography of Ladakh too, has played a strong role in shaping its culture as it exists today. Much of the everyday life of the Ladakhi people revolves around the gompa or monasteries, which is a major part of their culture.

The people of Ladakh also celebrate several festivals throughout the year, some of the most famous ones being Losar, Hemis Tsechu & Saka Dawa. A lot of their time is also spent in making stone jewellery, woollen clothes, and mural paintings on the walls of the monasteries, which is done by both laymen and monks and symbolises the various aspects of Buddhism.

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