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Using an appropriate methodEXERCISE - 14.1A survey was conducted by a group of students as a part of their environment awarenesprogramme, in which they collected the following data regarding the number of plants20 houses in a locality. Find the mean number of plants per house.0-2 2-46 - 88 - 10 | 10 - 12mber of plantsmber of houses12-11215623Free Distribution by T.S. Government 2019-13​

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Step-by-step explanation:               Eight different resistors of 1Ω, 2Ω, ... , 8Ω are connected in parallel across a battery of 10V.

We have to find current flow in 1Ω resistor.

\star⋆ We know that, potential difference across each resistor remains same in parallel connection.

Therefore potential difference across all eight resistors will be 10V.

We have asked to find current flow in 1Ω resistor.

\star⋆ As per ohm's law, current flow in resistor is directly proportional to the applied potential difference. (at constant temperature)

V = IR

V denotes voltage of battery

I denotes current

R denotes resistance

By substituting the values,

➝ V = I × R

➝ 10 = I × 1

➝ I = 10/1

➝ I = 10A

∴ 10A current will flow in resistor of 1Ω.

Paula Reynolds Paula Reynolds
Jan 20, 2021
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