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Hi someone knows how says Elephant in Spanish?

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It is said elefante1. B (Rock the boat means to start chaos)
2. T (A fish out of water is someone who is out of their comfort zone)
3. C (an elephant in the room is something obvious but isn't being said)
4. D (Break a leg is a common expression used to wish someone luck)
5. E (People say they need to hit the books when they have to study)
6. F (When someone hits the nail on the head, they got something right)
7. G (Break the ice means start a conversation)
8. H (When you're on fire, you're doing something well
9. I (When you think outside the box, you come up with a creative idea)
10. J (Spill the beans means to reveal a secret)
11. K (Down in the dumps means feeling depressed or sad)
12. L (Someone with a heart of gold is a kind person)
13. M (Walking on eggshells is watching what you say)
14. N (When you kill two birds with one stone, you're getting two things done at the same time)
15. O (Under the weather means you feel sick)
16. P (When you lose your marbles, you're nuts)
17. Q (You can't sit still with ants in your pants because they're making you move)
18. S (judging a book by its cover is assessing someone or something based off a first experience or their appearance.)
19. R (A bull in a china shop would cause an absolute mess)
20. A (When you kick the bucket, you die)
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