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Boyle Boyle Dec 31, 2020

113)from Haryana Stores.books of account of Pratibha Furniture Mart :2018Sept. 1an half amount.512Goods of 4000 sold at 10 % trade discount and 5 % cash discount15sent credit note no. 16.20A old machine sold to Manju on credit for 3000. Credit period is 1 month,Goods sold of 7 30,000 at 5 % trade discount to Harish. Invoice no. 136 sent by si225 % GST and * 200 labour charge.23cash discount is 10 %.An order for goods for $15,000 is received from Mukesh.30154Elements of Accounts : Part I: Std. 1131 Goods of 30,000 purchased at 10.From the following transactions prepare sales book and sales returns book in the books of account of pratibha furniture mart Goods of 8000 at 10 % trade discount and 5 % cash discount sold to PuGoods of * 10,000 at 10 % cash discount sold to Rajesh Furniture Mart. HeCredit period of 1 month. Bill no. 130 sent by adding 100 of labour charge.Goods of * 5000 is returned by Rajesh Furniture Mart. Goods received backGoods sold of * 20,000 to Nita on credit of 1 month. Trade discount is 10%‚Äč

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no miss. sorry this is the only tell you that we are chinnu please find my attached cover is the only one dovt I will be able I will call later pa po is this a pa please find attached cover is the best time table

Lawndale Lawndale
Dec 31, 2020
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