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What was John Winthrop's Dilemma? "The Puritan Dilemma: The story of John Wintrhop" By: Edmund S. Morgan1) Describe the conflicts John Winthrop... |

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The Puritan dilema, in effect, the dilema of John Winthrop as well, is that by migrating to the new world Puritans were putting themselves before the Church.  This was completely against the whole idea of being a Puritan.  But being obedient to that Puritan belief would also not offer comfort from their struggle with the Church of England. John Winthrop did decide that by seperating from the church, he and his followers could establish the "City Upon a Hill".  The opportunity to be the example for others to follow was worth it to him in challenging his anti seperatist views.  Therefore, he led his congregation to the Massachusetts Bay Colony.


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