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Doomflame Doomflame Sep 13, 2021

below are some of the characteristics of human beings classify them in dominant and recessive characters

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There are dominant and recessive traits in every organism. The dominant characters are expressed when present and masks the recessive characters.

Dominant traits in humans:

(1) Curved little finger.

(2) Development of dark hair.

(3) There are dimples on the cheek.

(4) Free ear lobes.

(5) Capacity to roll the tongue.

(6) Freckles on the face.

Recessive traits in humans:

(1) Straight little finger.

(2) Development of blonde hair.

(3) There is no dimple on the cheek.

(4) Attached ear lobes.

(5) No capacity to roll the tongue.

(6) No freckles on face.

Joshua Joshua
Sep 13, 2021
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