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Blazhenov Blazhenov Jan 8, 2021

What will you do if a robbery takes place in your house? [Explain the procedure you will follow]​

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1. Take photos and make a list of what’s missing

Once the police say you can, perform a walkthrough of your house and make a list of everything that is missing. You will need this list for the police report, and for one of the other tasks later in this list.

2. Arrange for emergency repairs to re-secure your home

Depending on how the thieves broke into your house, you may need to arrange to re-secure your residence. If one or more windows were broken to gain access to your home, call an emergency glass service to replace them. If your door was jimmied or broken through, or if you think the robber got a hold of a spare door key, get an emergency locksmith to come replace door locks and cut new keys.

3. Contact your insurance company

Whether you have homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance (sometimes called tenant insurance), you should reach out to your insurance company as soon as you have provided the police with all of the information they need.

4. Make your house a home again

Once the police and insurance company have all the information they need, it’s time to get your home back in order. Cleaning up and restoring order can help you address the uneasy feelings of anxiety caused by the robbery. Do what you need to do to make yourself comfortable in your home again.

5. Improve your home security

While some people believe that adding security features to their home after an incident takes place is like closing the barn door after the horse runs away, there is never a bad time to beef up your home security. Making your home less attractive to potential thieves is worth the cost and effort.

Cvetanka Cvetanka
Jan 8, 2021
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