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If I have an ear of corn with a ratio of 2 purple kernels to 1 yellow kernel, what are the genotypes of both parents? |

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If your question actually does specify a 2:1 ratio, then you have parents that are Pp x Pp. The 2:1 ratio in genetics is a classic marker for a lethal gene. What a 2:1 ratio means is that the genetic distribution was originally 1:2:1, but one of the two homozygous conditions (either pp or PP) is, for some reason, not able to survive. Those seeds abort, and you wind up with a 2:1 final ratio among the survivors.

This has been well documented in a number of plants, including corn, which has 19 known alleles that are potentially lethal. These lethal alleles have also been studied in fruit flies, mice, horses, and agouti.

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