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Write a program to print a table of values of the function Y=exp(-X) for X varyingfrom 0.0 to 10.0 in steps of 0.10. The table should appear as follows: X 0.1 0.2 0.3 ………………………………………0.9 0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 . . . 9.0​

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Asked 29th Jul, 2013

Suman Debnath

National Institute of Technology, Agartala

How to teach? What are the qualities that should be present in a teacher (lecturer) ? Please share your own experience for effective teaching.

There are many experienced prof. on this network. I need your guidance for effective teaching . Hope your sharing experience will helps not only me but also many lecturer.


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Techniques of Good Teaching

Positive relationship: Maintaining a positive relationship among students, teachers and the administrators creates a harmonious leaning environment. When students are nurtured in such surroundings, they are likely to increase their intellectual accomplishments and learn more effectively.

Cooperative engagement: Encourage cooperation and mutual support by getting learners to study collaboratively. When learners study in a group, they share their ideas and knowledge to complete an assignment. Support from the peer group also helps to boost learners’ confidence. Unlike learning in isolation where discouragement or a sense of hopelessness may set in, learning becomes more enjoyable when friends are able to help or motivate one another.

Learning actively: Students learn when they are actively engaged in their class activities. A good teacher does not impose her ideas or opinions on the class but allows students to participate actively in a student-centric environment. To encourage the meaningful application of knowledge, the teacher should encourage students to link what they have learned with events/happenings in their everyday lives.

Constructive feedback: The instructor should allocate time to evaluate her students’ understanding of her instruction. From the feedback, she can assist learners with constructive advice to help them progress. It is the responsibility of the teacher to provide help in the form of feedback and suggestions in order to improve

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