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He says "I am reading my book" ka indirect speech

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  • ✠ Direct Speech :-

➨ He says "I am reading my book."

  • ✠ Indirect Speech :-
➨ He says that he is reading his book.


❍ Note :-
  • ✎ If the reporting verb is in the present tense in Direct Speech, then the tense of the verb in the Direct Speech does not undergo any changes in the Indirect Speech.



❒ Types of Speech :-
  • ➬ Direct Speech
  • ➬ Indirect Speech


❒ Direct Speech :-
  • ➬ In Direct Speech, the words of the speaker is expressed in the same way that it is said by the speaker i.e, with speech marks and using exactly the same words.
  • ➬ The words of the speaker are kept within Inverted Comma (" ") in Direct Speech and there we need ti use Comma (,) between the Reporting Verb and Direct Speech.
  • ➬ The verb that introduce the Direct Speech is called Reporting Verb.


❒ Indirect Speech :-
  • ➬ In Indirect Speech, the words of the speaker is expressed without speech marks and without necessarily using exactly the same words, keeping the meaning same.
  • ➬ Unlike Direct Speech, there is the need of using "that" or any necessary conjunction instead of the the Comma (,) in Indirect Speech.
  • ➬ There is also needed some grammatical changes while changing the speech from Direct speech to Indirect Speech.
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