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What was the importance of the"founding"of constantinople in 330? In what sense did the Roman empire survive until 1453? Is Rome still a power today? |

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The importance of the "founding" of Constantinople is that it represented a split in the Roman Empire.  After that date, the Roman Empire had two emperors -- one in Rome and one in Constantinople.  In addition, the Church was split in two.  What we now call the Roman Catholic Church was headed by the Pope in Rome while what we call the Eastern Orthodox was headed by the patriarch in Constantinople.

If we understand the Byzantine Empire to be a continuation of the Roman Empire, then we can see why 1453 is important.  Up to that date, you could argue that the Roman Empire lived on in the east.  But when Constantinople fell to the Ottomans, that was over.

Rome is only a power today in terms of its impact on our history.  Italy has very little power and the Catholic Church is also much less powerful than it was in the past.

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