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Bettini Bettini May 21, 2022

good evening Can someone please answer this, ill give you brainliest and your earning 50 points. Would be very appreciated.

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The book, "The Fear" by Natasha Preston is written in First person point a view. It is about three people with two different 'worlds' and 'experiences'. 'The Fear' takes place in a small town where nothing happens, until one student, makes the most terrifying post the town has seen, "What is the worst way to go?" tagging everyone in their small town. Things start to go down hill when the main character Izzy finds two dead bodies on her way home from a party, she starts to investigate what is really happening, but ends up getting hurt and finding out the truth hurts her the most. Izzy goes through a series of trails trying to find out who actually is the killer suspecting everyone she has even known. In the end she finds out it's the one person she has suspected all along, Axel and Tristan, her sisters love and her crush. Everyone Izzy has ever loved ends up dying all her friends and the people she started caring about on the way.

I hope that helps this is the summary I just wrote not sure if it is completed but here's most of it.

mound mound
May 21, 2022
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