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Shlykova Shlykova Jan 22, 2021

A. Rewrite these sentences using the conjunctions/verb forms given in brackets.1. Hearing a noise, I turned round. (and)2.The government put up taxes so that they can get more money from us. (to get)3. Though it was raining, she went to the market. (yet)4. I am too tired to walk any farther. (so .... that)5. Having finished the work, they went to the beach. (after)‚Äč

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1.I heard a noise and I turned around

2.The Government put up taxes to get more money from us.

3. It was raining yet, she went to the market

4.I am so tired that i can't walk any further

5. They went to the beach after finishing their work

Fezil Fezil
Jan 22, 2021
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