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Lazzari Alessia Lazzari Alessia Jan 9, 2021

C. Match the words in Column A with their meaning in Column B.COLUMN ACOLUMN B1.Pitchera. the abdity to see2.Choresb. a suddenmisfortune.3.Glitchc. a pat made from mud.4. Visiond. work that must be done daily5.Clifte. a problem.6. DisasterI. a steep high rock9. a group working together.‚Äč

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1. Pitcher- c. A pot made from mud

2. Chores- d. work that must be done daily

3. Glitch- e. a problem

4. Vision- a. the ability to see

5. Cliff- l. a high steep rock

6. Disaster- a sudden misfortune

Evstignej Evstignej
Jan 9, 2021
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