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I have to do a rough draft for a comparative paper.  It must be 6 pages on gender/marriage. Please tell me where to start. Must include a thesis... |

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253 cents

In order to give you a really good answer, we would need to know a bit more about what this paper needs to be about.  Is it just anything to do with gender and marriage?  And what are you comparing?  Are you comparing ideas about gender and marriage in two societies or two times or (if this is a literature paper) two literary works?

If I were writing a paper like this (based only on what you have said here) I would most likely compare marriage and divorce rates today and in past times.  I would try to look at the reasons for these changes, paying some attention to the changes in gender roles that have helped to cause these changes.  I would also try to look at ways in which changes in marriage have caused gender roles to change.

Again, I am not at all sure if this is what you need.  If it is not, please restate your question, giving us more detail that we can use to give you a more helpful answer.


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