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What was the issue between the western superpowers {US and Great Britain} against the Soviet Union over West Berlin? no |

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The history of the Cold War is always a history of two sides and two perspectives. I'm not at all fan of the Russian occupation and the subsequent Socialist government that ruled East Germany for decades after the end of the Second World War, but I am certain that blaming the problems on the Soviets is to deny the real complexity of the issue.

The Western and Eastern powers, simply put, did not trust each other, and the Western powers (the U.S., England, and France) took a number of steps, including a currency reform throughout their occupied sections of Germany, that sent a clear signal to the Soviet Union: it's us against you. The Soviets did not simply block access to West Berlin one day because they felt like it would be a fine thing to do.

This side of the history is extremely well documented. I'm citing wikipedia below because it's a quick and easy source (see the section "Moves Toward a West German State"), but I'm confident that print sources with comprehensive coverage of the Cold War will present a full treatment of how the West and the East were both responsible for the enduring divisions and crises faced by the modern Germany.

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