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Gomez Gomez Jan 15, 2021

raju age is more than the Ramesh. The Ramesh age is 5x more than the Raju. Then find the real age .if the sum of the age is 25.​

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Soils vary considerably with terrain. Generally, however, they are acidic and, in mountainous areas, subject to erosion. The major soil types are inceptisols, entisols, and ultisols. River valleys are characterized by rich alluvial soils that are highly suited for agriculture

मास्टर जी:- बच्चो बताओ दुनिया में कितने देश हैं.......मास्टर जी:- बच्चो बताओ दुनिया में कितने देश हैं.......बच्चे:- मास्टर जी कर दी ना पागलों वाली बात दुनिया में तो एक ही देश है.....और सब महादेश हैं!

Brain list ❤️ plz follow the day

Michael Michael
Jan 15, 2021
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