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During the pandemic how would you celebrate safe christmas with friends and family?no spamming and no answer from google pls answer fast

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Yes, the holidays are going to be a little (a lot) different this year.

The pandemic is now part of our everyday life, meaning that normal things like knocking on a bunch of strangers’ doors to get candy or simply gathering in a big group may not be possible. (At best, these traditions aren’t encouraged.)

But the holidays don’t need to be canceled or minimized — unless you want to use the virus as an excuse to do less and by all means do you if that’s the case.

If you’re still feeling the holiday spirit, you can make this time of year just as special even while safely distanced. Here’s how.

*Make the most of the traditions you can safely continue.

*Take advantage of festive pandemic-inspired events.

*Borrow from other celebrations.

*Celebrate anything whenever you can.

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