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Explain the systematic observation method with its advantages and limitationsonly answers here ​

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Systematic Observation Method

Systematic observation of individuals or groups focuses on the visible behavior in relation to visible values of the environment. The researcher may find it useful to record both properties of environment-behavior events.

Every property is a variable, and each variable makes up a set of values.

  • The data and information received from a controlled observation method are structured and analytical. It is thus easy to analyze it quickly and is considered less time-consuming than the other observation methods
  • Other researchers can easily replicate the report that has been created through the controlled observation method. They use a similar observation schedule, and this makes it easy to test for reliability.
  • As the controlled observation method is several quick observations can be conducted within a short time frame. Thus the researcher can collect large samples which makes it easier for him to generalize a large population.

The controlled observation method lacks validity because when the participants are aware of being observed their behavior will automatically change

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