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Report writting on yout club to promote free eduction to poor people 100-150 words​

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A blood donation camp was organized in our club last Sunday. It was held in the club hall. All the preparations such as arrangement of beds, sanitation etc were made. A team of doctors and nurses from the local Govt hospital had reached in time. The Chief Guest of the Camp was the SDO of the city. He inaugurated the Camp by cutting the ribbon. The members of our club and the other clubs besides the people of the city were participating in the camp. I was also enthusiastic for donating my blood. I was laid to bed with a soft ball in my hand. Then the process of extracting the blood off my body started. The process took more than half an hour. After it, along with the another donators, I was given fruits and milk. There were also very prominent people of the city who were there to donate blood. The Blood Donation Camp continued till 3:0 pm. After that, the Chief Guest delivered the speech extolling those who had donated their blood. He told the audience that the donated blood would be used for saving the lives of the injured and the sick. One of the doctors also addressed the audience saying that the blood donation does not weaken the the donators. The recovery takes place very soon. He talked about facts/ myths/ Blood Groups related information. The SDM also handed over the Certificates to the blood donators. It was followed by a Cultural Programme. The students of our school presented the cultural items. Everybody enjoyed that. The Blood Donation Camp was ended with National Anthem. It was certainly a memorable day for me. I along with other people decided to donate blood in future also.

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