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PRESENT SIMPLE/ SIMPLE FUTUREIF you______________________(want) to travel long distances on your bicycle, you must learn how to mend a puncture. As soon as your tyre_________________________(become) flat, get off the bike or you_______________________ (damage) the wheel. Then turn the bicycle upside down. Once it _________________(be) in position, remove the tyre using levers or, if you ___________________(have) nothing else, use spoons. When the tyre_____________(be) off, pump up the inner tube. Put it in some water and turn it until you _______________(see) bubbles coming from it. This is your puncture. Before you ______________(apply) the patch, you must clean and dry the area around the hole. After this you___________________(put) glue around the hole and wait until it___________________(dry) a little. Then select a suitably sized patch. Stick the patch over the hole and don’t forget to put some chalk over it. Unless you do this the inner tube _________________ (stick) to the inside of the tyre. Replace the tube, pump up the tyre and ride away. I ____________(not/know) if you________________________________(be able to) remember all this, but it’s worth trying because you never know when it ________________________(be) useful to you.​

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1. want

2. become

3. will damage

4. be

5. have

6. is going to be

7. see

8. apply

9. are going to put

10. dry

11. will stick

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