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What issues did the Roman Empire have with getting taxes paid by all people?No fake answers or links will give brainliestaEastern Empire = wealthy - taxes paid Western Empire = struggled to pay taxes due to slaverybcaptured people did not want to pay taxes Roman citizens paid taxes gladlycall citizens traded goods to pay taxes instead of using moneydWestern Empire = wealthy - taxes paid Eastern Empire = struggled to pay taxes due to slavery

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well considering i can't see the graph, it's probably prices


question- which is one way that muslims scholars contributed to the scientific recolution?

answer- well you see in the religion islam the religion muslims practice there was the prophet muahmmed peace be upon him who did good things such as sit in a sertian posotion to use the toilet which then the scientist of this generation later found that it was good for you there are many more things like this.

these are the choices

local priests

european monarchs

common people

bible translators

answer;unimodal and symmetrical;

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