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How to find out how muchwater and minerals are dilivered to the leaves?​

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Water is transported to all parts of plants through roots. The transportation takes place in the following manner

Water through their roots is continuously absorbed by the plants. This water is sent up through the stem to all parts of the plant, including the leaves.

Only a little amount, of water, is retained in the plant or utilized by it in photosynthesis. The rest of it gets evaporated into the atmosphere as water vapour through the Stomata present in the epidermis of the leaves and other aerial parts of the plant.

This creates a suction pressure which pulls up water from the xylem of the roots to the stem and then to the leaves.

Xylem tissues are narrower in its diameter, in the form of capillary tubes (tracheids and fibres), greater will be the force.

Whenever the xylem vessels lay empty, such as during the loss of water by transpiration, the water from below rises into them by a capillary force.

Thus, it can be said that xylem plays an important role in the transportation of water and minerals once they absorb these and transport them to different plant parts.

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