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Country Recommendation Worksheet Complete this worksheet to note the information you find about your selected country, submit the completed worksheet as your assignment 1. Choose one country in North America (not including the United States) to research. View the map in the tesson to Decideyou choose Country Name: 2. Research your selected country. Find geography information and data on its standard of living. A helpful resource is the CIA Factbook. Organize your research in the charts below. Standard of Living Data What is the number or rate for each of the following? Total population GDP per capita Literacy rate Average life expectancy Poverty rate Geography Influence How has each of the following influenced your selected country? Land features Water features Climate Location Natural resources 3. Compare the standard of living for the country you chose with that of the United States. Write this comparison in at least three to five sentences. 4. Examine the information you have researched. Please Countwhether you recommend this country for your family's new home. Write down the reasons you do or do not recommend it. v. no link please ‚Äč

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the correct answer is d

it was not until 1606 that the virginia company of london got a contract from. on may 13, 1607, these first pilgrims chose the site of jamestown island as the. to make shares more attractive, the virginia company changed its attempt to sell something. the way of life would increment the country over.

Its is d. because i did it

the installment plan of the 1920s, an arrangement that allowed people to buy what they wanted with a small down payment and pay off the rest in monthly installments, provided americans a way to own what they did not have the money to buy.

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