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Landadi Landadi Dec 18, 2020

The cable of an electric fan becomes so worn that the live wire makes electrical contact with the metal case. The case is earthed. The plug to the fan contains a 5A fuse. There is a current of 4A when the fan works normally. What will happen in this case? (a) The current will run to earth and the fuse will not affected.(b)The metal case will become live and dangerous. (c) The metal case will become very hot. (d) The fuse will melt and switch off the circuit.​

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When the live wire (high potential) is in contact with the earthed metal case (zero potential) and since there is a potential difference, current flows. As there is little to no resistance in the completed path, the current flow is very large (larger than 4 A melting the fuse).

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TedescoOt TedescoOt
Dec 18, 2020
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