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you are harsh aur Harish a resident of a 20 Aurobindo Marg New Delhi you are deeply troubled by the sale of alcohol to under age write a letter to the editor of the Hindustan Times drawing attention to this problem​

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20 Aurobindo


Delhi - 110029


03 February 2020


The Editor

Hindustani Times

Delhi - 110121




  Subject: Troubled deeply by the sale of alcohol to under age

I write this letter with great concern and worry. We know that nowadays, the younger ones are consuming alcohol. Alcohol is very bad for health and they may also lead to the death of the children and teens who are consuming them. Moreover, they get drunk after consuming. The government must ban this. I therefore, would request you to see this problem and solve it as fast as possible.

Yours Faithfully,



★ More Information:-

A formal letter can be written to make requests, suggestions, proposals, enquiries and complaints. They can be addressed to heads or offices of institutions such as, banks, editor, railways and municipal corporation.

Keep these points while writing a formal letter:-

  • Formal letters are brief and to the point and are written in a neutral tone.
  • The sender's address and date are written on the upper left side.
  • The recipient's name, designation and address are written on the left hand side below the sender's address.
  • The common forms of leave-taking used are Yours Sincerely, and Yours Faithfully.
  • Remember not to put apostrophe ( ' ) with yours.
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Feb 4, 2021
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