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Mariotti Mariotti May 13, 2022

Miguel ha reparado un reproductor de MP3. (nunca) You answered(blank) changedQuestion 2 with 1 blankSonia y su hermano han creado un blog. (todavía) You answered(blank) changedQuestion 3 with 1 blankYo he adjuntado el archivo a este correo. (aún) You answered(blank) changedQuestion 4 with 1 blankTú has navegado en la red. (nunca) You answered(blank) changedQuestion 5 with 1 blankNosotros hemos descargado las fotos. (antes)

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The correct way to turn sentences into negative form using the words in parentheses is as follows:

  1. <em>Miguel </em><em><u>nunca</u></em><em> </em><em>ha reparado un reproductor de MP3.</em>
  2. <em>Sonia y su hermano </em><em><u>todavía no</u></em><em> han creado un blog.</em>
  3. <em>Yo </em><em><u>aún no</u></em><em> he adjuntado el archivo a este correo.</em>
  4. <em>Tú </em><em><u>nunca</u></em><em> has navegado en la red.</em>
  5. <em>Nosotros </em><em><u>no</u></em><em> hemos descargado las fotos </em><em><u>antes</u></em><em>.</em>

The translation of the sentences is:

  1. Miguel has <u>never</u> repaired an MP3 player.
  2. Sonia and her brother have <u>not yet</u> created a blog.
  3. I have <u>not yet</u> attached the file to this email.
  4. You have <u>never</u> surfed the web.
  5. We have <u>not</u> downloaded the photos <u>before</u>.

In Spanish there are two ways to make negative sentences:

  • Add the absolute denial <u><em>"no"</em></u> within the sentence.
  • Use words that directly mean a negation such as <u><em>"nunca."</em></u>

For its part, the use of prepositions in Spanish is not as restrictive as in English, I mean, <u>a preposition can be placed in more than one place within the sentence without modifying the meaning of it</u>, here is an example with one of the sentences in the exercise:

  • <em>Yo </em><em><u>aún no</u></em><em> he adjuntado el archivo a este correo.</em>
  • <em>Yo </em><em><u>no</u></em><em> he adjuntado el archivo a este correo </em><u><em>aún</em></u><em>.</em>
Ballazar Ballazar
May 13, 2022
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