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What are some important formula for CH 1 (Number System) Class 9 maths??? Tell some important formulas for this chapter​

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  • Natural numbers counting numbers which varies from one to infinity are called natural numbers it is usually done denoted by N examples 1 2 3 4 whole numbers combination of zero and natural numbers are called whole numbers it is denoted by W example 0,1,2,3,4 Integers Union of zero positive and negative rational numbers are called integers it is denoted by Z examples - 3, - 2 ,- 1,0,1,2,3 Rational numbers numbers which can be expressed in the form of p by q where Q is not equal to zero and P,Q and Z example 1 by 2,3 by 4,0, - 2,3 Irrational numbers any number which is non terminating and non recurring is called a rational number it is denoted by examples root 2, pie Real numbers combination of rational and irrational numbers are called real numbers it is denoted by R
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