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At a robotics competition, robots pick up and then throw a ball. The distances, in meters, that eight robots can throw a ball are recorded. Identify the outlier in the data set. Explain how you know it is an outlier.

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The outlier in the given data set and the reason we know it is an outlier are;

The outlier is 9.8

It is an outlier because it is the distance that is less than 10.

  • Outliers in mathematics are simply values that lie outside of the other values in a set of data. This means they are far larger than the given set of values or far smaller than the given set of values.
  • Now, in this question, we see that the distances given in meters are;

10.1 m, 10.1 m, 10.2 m, 10.2 m, 10.3 m, 10.1 m, 10.2 m, 9.8 m

  • From these set of data values, we can see that all but 1 of the values are more than 10. This number that is less than 10 is the odd one out of these set of data values and therefore it is the outlier.

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May 21, 2022
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