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Atticus's cross examination of Mayella gives us a picture of her life. Does this picture create any sympathy in your mind toward Mayella (without evidence from Chapter 19)? Why or why not?

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The above question wants a personal answer based on your interpretation of the text and characters. For that reason, I won't answer your question, but I will show you how to answer it.

<h3>What do we know about Mayella?</h3>
  • She often lies.
  • She accused a black man wrongfully.
  • She has a life with few resources.

In Mayella's interrogation, the reader is able to discover that she has a very unhappy and very violent life, mainly because of her father who is very oppressive and does not provide for her and her brother's needs. However, this does not justify the false accusation she made, which caused very serious problems and ended the life of an innocent man.

In that case, to answer your question, you should reflect on whether you feel empathy and pity for Mayella for the difficult and sad life she has, or if you don't have that feeling because of the problems she caused.

This question is about the book "To Kill a Mockingbird."

More information about Mayella at the link:

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May 21, 2022
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