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Has global inequality increased or decreased? |

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It is pretty clear that global inequality has increased. Here are some perspectives that can show you this. According to one statistic, even in 2010, there are nearly one billion people living in hunger. This is roughly one out of seven people in the world. So, from this perspective, a lot of people in the world are not doing well at all.

Now think about the bonuses of Wall street bankers. They make an incredible sum. And this number goes up almost every year. In fact, the Occupy Wall Street movement shows that the 1% in American and part of Europe are exceedingly rich and powerful. This shows that there is great inequality.

Here is another perspective. If global inequality is going to decrease, there needs to be a big middle class. However, from a global perspective, the middle class is being squeezed out more and more. In short, global inequality is growing.



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