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What is Pollard's reward for suffering through his hospital stay in Seabiscuit: An American Legend? |

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Red Pollard suffers a major leg injury during his training of another horse, and he is put into the hospital for an extended stay.  Pollard is upset because he and Seabiscuit have been preparing for a major race against the country's acclaimed "fastest horse."  Since Pollard cannot ride, Seabiscuit's alternate rider, George Woolf, rides Seabiscuit in his face-off against War Admiral.  Pollard gives Woolf tips on riding Seabiscuit, and Woolf is able to utilize Pollard's knowledge during training and in the race.  So, Pollard is "rewarded" by Seabiscuit's winning the race even though he is stuck in the hospital.  Further, Pollard is told that he will never ride again, but through will and determination, Pollard does ride again.

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