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What is the logarithmic function modeled by the following table?

x f(x)

8 3

16 4

32 5

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Group of answer choices

f(x) = logx2

f(x) = log2x

f(x) = 2 log10x

f(x) = x log102

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The given table shows the relationship between x and f(x) as follows:

x | f(x)

8 | 3

16 | 4

32 | 5

We can see that the function doubles the value of x each time, and f(x) increases by 1. This behavior is consistent with a logarithmic function with base 2, which can be written as:

f(x) = logâ‚‚x

So, the correct answer is:

f(x) = log2x

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