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The Man Who Conquered EverestWhat change should be made in sentence 8?A Change climbed to climbsB. Change joined to joinsC Change peek to peakD Change highest to higher(1) Edmund Percival Hillary was the first man toreach the top of Mount Everest (2) He set feet on thehighest point on Earth on May 29. 1953 (3) He wasaccompanied by a Sherpa named Tenzing Norgay (4)He had become fascinated with mountains after ahigh school field trip to Mount Ruapehu in his nativeNew Zealand (8) Later, Hillary began training tobecome a navigator in the Royal New Zealand AirForce (6) He continued mountain climbing as a partof his air force training (7) But what was only a partof Hillary's training soon became his biggest passion(8) Alter quitting the air force Hillary joined anexpedition that successfully climbed New Zealand'shighest peak (9) In 1953. Hillary joined an expeditionby the Joint Himalayan Committee (10) After facingmany dificult situations Hillary achieved his dream ofstanding atop the world's highest mountain (11)Hy spent noen minutes at the topUh

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The answer is A. because The Man Who Conquered Everest you should add more detail and it will sound more professional.

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