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Your father insist you must study medicine at the University but you have an entirely different course in mind.write a letter to him explaining why you prefer this other course

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Bluebell Senior High School,

P.O Box 687,


13th June, 2004.

Dear Dad,

I am grateful for your last letter which was received last week. The content of the letter was understood and I can see that you really care for me. However, I can't be a good medical doctor because as you know, I'm soft-minded, and cannot stand the sight of blood. Besides, I believe I can fare better in engineering. I'm making this explanation, because I can see that you want me to choose medicine as a course to study at the university.

I prefer to study mechanical engineering. First and foremost, I want you to know that mechanical engineers are not many in this country, and this is the reason our society needs them. On the other hand. medical doctors are many which makes medicine not to be as lucrative as mechanical engineering.

In Nigeria today, mechanical engineers are a hot cake because the government is planning to build more vehicle assembly plants to add to the existing ones. This policy thrust comes out of the need to have a Nigerian car. Definitely, after graduating as a mechanical engineer, I won't find it difficult to get a job. I also know that you wouldn't want me to come out of the university only to roam the streets in search of employment. That is why as a mechanical engineer, there will be jobs waiting for me.

In addition to this, I would prefer to study a course that I have aptitude for. I want you to remember that even as a small boy. I constructed toy cars and trucks automated with batteries. I remember that Mr. Ndu, your intimate friend then, always encouraged you to make sure that I become an engineer because of the potential he saw in me. Why are you now insisting that I must study medicine at the university?

You should allow me choose the course that I like. Parents, nowadays, don't choose courses for their children. It is old-fashioned and unacceptable, because from experience children, whose parents choose courses for, don't become successful in the long run. The fact is that such children never do well in life and they often go back to blame their parents for their failure.

Finally, you are aware of the hatred that I have for hospitals. I hate to see blood and dead bodies and with my allergic tendency towards all these. do you think I can make a successful career in medicine? Daddy, I think you better let me be what I think I would be. a mechanical engineer.

I would still want you to let me know your response. Convey my greetings to mummy. Joke and Tunde. I love them all.

Yours sincerely,


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