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Herotu abhi kuch na bolAur yeh Bhootiya gang hai meri aur Mein gang ki creator huudhar marzi meri chalti hai Members mere haiunko problem nhi haito teko kyaMood nhi hai baat karne ka tere se Bina vajah k kisika gussa tujpe na nikle ​

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mast jhagad rhe ho mujhse


nikaal do

sau gaaliya de do

dhamkaao mat

hum bhi khush nhi hai jo tumhaare maje le rhe hai majak karke

hum bhi aaj gusse mai hai

( ꈍ_ꈍ)

Our mothers are like a security blanket to us because she saves us from all problems. She never regards her own problems and listens to us all time. In order to give her respect, the second Sunday of May month has been dedicated to her to celebrate mother's day. This event is of great importance to us and our mothers.Ruma had a piece of ribbon she cut the ribbon into four pieces measuring 16/3 cm ,9/4 cm,28/6 cm,and 38/8 cm.find the length of the ribbon

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