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A new patient dressed in dirty clothes and with poor personal hygiene comes to the physician's office without an appointment. The patient’s appearance indicates that this person may not be able to pay for the office visit. In terms of nonverbal communication displayed by the office staff, how could the actions of the staff make the patient feel? What body language will indicate that the medical assistant cares? Why do you think that observation (seeing how someone is acting) is an important concept in communication?

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The actions and nonverbal communication displayed by the office staff in response to the new patient could significantly impact how the patient feels. If the staff shows indifference or disapproval of the patient's appearance, it can make the patient feel unwelcome, ashamed, and judged. In contrast, if the staff shows empathy and compassion, it can make the patient feel valued, understood, and cared for.

To indicate that the medical assistant cares, they can use nonverbal communication such as maintaining eye contact, using a friendly tone of voice, and demonstrating an open and attentive body language. The medical assistant can also use verbal communication to reassure the patient and make them feel welcome and comfortable.

Observation is an essential concept in communication because it allows individuals to gather information beyond what is being said explicitly. It enables individuals to understand and interpret the nonverbal cues and emotions that are being expressed. Being able to observe and interpret nonverbal cues is crucial in communication, as it can provide insight into a person's thoughts, feelings, and intentions, which can help individuals communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships.

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