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Complete the text with the correct form of the words in bracketsIto bel Martin. I I live) in Federal but I(to be) from Concordia. I Igo) to school in the morningAt school, I (hor) a lot of friends but my best friendto be) Juan. He (to belly like me wefootball in physical Eduction but Juan's favourite sport(to bel basketball. He (play) really well He-Ho bel a very good student, too. Hebut his favourite subjectHo bel English(like) Bodegy​

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I live in Federal but I am from Concordia. I go to school in the morning. At school, I have a lot of friends but my best friend is Juan. He is like me, we play football in physical education but Juan's favourite sport is Basketball. He plays really well. He is a very good student, too. But his favourite subject is English.

es lo que pude entender de tu texto... está un poco confuso, el final no lo entiendo

Linda Thomas
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