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Differenciate between the aims of mahumad ghazni and mahumad ghori { class 7}​

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Mahmud was a great conqueror and he never faced any defeat in his 17 invasions of India. On the other hand, Ghori had to face a number of defeats. Not only this he lost his life at the hands of his enemy in India and did not reach his kingdom of Ghazni. Even in Central Asia, Mahmud was more successful and Ghori had to face defeat.

Mahmud did not try to establish his empire in India. He was more interested in plundering the wealth of India. Mahmud was more of a fanatic who wanted to spread Islam in India. He destroyed temples and idols of Hindu gods. His attacks were mostly directed at the religious places of the Hindus. Ghori on the other hand directed his attacks on important towns and forts.

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