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The octet rule dictates that atoms are most stable when their valence shells are filled with eight electrons. It is based on the observation that the atoms of the main group elements have a tendency to participate in chemical bonding in such a way that each atom of the resulting molecule has eight electrons in the valence shell. The octet rule is only applicable to the main group elements.

The molecules of the halogens, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon are known to obey the octet rule. In general, the elements that obey this rule include the s-block elements and the p-block elements (except hydrogen, helium, and lithium).


A few examples detailing the chemical bonding of atoms in compliance with the octet rule can be found in this subsection.

NaCl (Sodium Chloride)

This compound features an ionic bond between the sodium ion (Na+) and the electronegative chloride ion (Cl–).

The chlorine atom holds 7 electrons in its valence shell and can attain an octet configuration by gaining an electron.

The outermost shell of sodium has one electron. If it loses this electron, the second shell would become the valence shell (which is already filled with 8 electrons). Thus, the Na+ ion is more stable than metallic sodium.

The sodium cation and the chloride anion now form an ionic bond, and the resulting molecule features octet configurations for both the participating atoms.

MgO (Magnesium Oxide)

The bond between magnesium and oxygen in magnesium oxide is ionic in nature.

The magnesium atom readily loses two electrons to obtain the stable electronic configuration of neon. This leads to the formation of the Mg2+

Similarly, oxygen gains two electrons to form the O2-

The electrostatic attraction that arises between these two ions leads to the formation of an ionic bond between them.

Both the atoms in a molecule of MgO have stable octet configurations.

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