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guys please Decideme with this question and whoever will give me the answer I will mark them as brainliest but I don't want useless answers​

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Each Qus. Having 1 mark

A. Karan lives at a hostel in Shimla. He calls his mother who lives in Delhi, to get

her approval for the robotics class which is going to start in his school next

week onwards. However, due to disruption in the phone line, his mother

could not understand and reply to him. He got very upset. Which another

medium can he use to get immediate approval of his mother?

a. E-mail

b. Letter

c. Message through Friend

d. Fax 1

B. Trisha is always tense during exam time. She is a sincere and studious

student, but the thought of exams creates anxiety in her. Which stress

management technique that you would suggest to help her?

a) Yoga

b) b) Exercise

c) c) Vacation with Family

d) d) All of these

C. ______________ ability of a person to do the things that need to be done without

someone or something influencing us.

a) Self-Motivation

b) b) Self Discipline

c) c) Self Awareness

d) d) Self-Regulation

D. According to the concept of sustainable development, the environment and



b) Separate

c) Independent

d) None of these

E. The cleaning of software installed in the computer cannot be achieved by


a) Disk clean up

b) backup

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