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Zorkian Ziders always grow a single hair from each body segement. (Legs and torso) including the body. Assume the slider continue to grow in the same pattern how many hairs with the fifth Ziders have?

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The number of hair on the Zorkian Ziders follows an arithmetic sequence

The fifth Zorkian Ziders will have 21 hairs

From the diagram, the hair on the first three Zorkian Ziders are:

T_1 = 5

T_2 = 9

T_3 = 13

Notice that the difference in the number of hair in each Ziders is 4.

This means that, the number of hair on the 4th will be:

T_4 =T_3 + 4

T_4 = 13 + 4 = 17

Using the same calculation, the number of hair on the 5th will be:

T_5 =T_4 + 4

T_5 = 17 + 4

T_5 = 21

Hence, the 5th Zorkian Ziders will have 21 hairs

Read more about arithmetic sequence at:

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