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Boscolo Teresa Boscolo Teresa Dec 21, 2020

Varsha jogged 3/8 of a kilometer and then walked 3/4 of a kilometre. How far did she go in all?​

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Distance Varsha jogged = ⅜ of a km

Distance Varsha walked = ¾ of a km

Total distance covered by Varsha = Distance Varsha jogged + Distance Varsha walked

= ⅜ +  ¾

[To add two unlike fractions, we need to equalize the denominators]

LCM = 8






∴ Varsha covered a distance of 1 1/8 km in total.

Knowledge Bytes:

→ To add two unlike fractions, we need to find its lowest common multiple [LCM] and equalize the denominators of both the fractions. By doing so, we get two like fractions.

→ If we get an improper fraction by adding two like fractions, we can change it to a mixed fraction by dividing the numerator with the denominator. The quotient forms the whole number and the remainder will form the numerator.

Aurora Aurora
Dec 21, 2020
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