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Togal Togal Dec 8, 2020

Std 8 ss name any two functions of rajya sabha?​

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1. Legislative Powers:

In the sphere of ordinary law-making the Rajya Sabha enjoys equal powers with the Lok Sabha. An ordinary bill can be introduced in the Rajya Sabha and it cannot become a law unless passed by it.

In case of a deadlock between the two Houses of Parliament over an ordinary bill and if it remains unresolved for six months, the President can convene a joint sitting of the two Houses for resolving the deadlock.This joint sitting is presided over by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. If the bill is passed in the joint sitting, it is sent to the President for his signatures. But if the deadlock is not resolved, the bill is deemed to have been killed.

2. Financial Powers:

In the financial sphere, the Rajya Sabha is a weak House. A money bill cannot be introduced in the Rajya Sabha. It can be initiated only in the Lok Sabha. A money bill passed by the Lok Sabha comes before the Rajya Sabha for its consideration. However, if within a period of 14 days, the Rajya Sabha fails to pass the bill, the bill is taken to have been passed by the Parliament irrespective of the fact whether the Rajya Sabha has passed it or not

If the Rajya Sabha proposes some amendments and the bill is returned to the Lok Sabha, it depends upon the Lok Sabha to accept or reject the proposed amendments


Heather Carr Heather Carr
Dec 8, 2020
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