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During your exam, a friend sitting behind you asks you to Decideher but you refuse. Write a diary entry on whether you should have helped her or not.who knows this answer only they will answer otherwise it will reported...​

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I can't get this from my head!! today was my English exam.when I was writing my friend swati asked me to help her..she wanted to know the answer of the third question.But I refused....

She is my best friend but I haven't helped..Because ... I knew that if I helped her, she would make it as a habit of copying from others..she would never study .. I was just trying to help her ..I want her to study well ..

But after examination..she told me that she never come to talk to me again because I had not helped her ..I tried to tell her that I was trying to help her and I want her to study well..but she refused to hear me and she said "we are friends no more..I don't want a friend like you" and she gone .I said nothing .... I couldn't...

but...oh my God....please ...I don't know anything..tears are coming from my eyes..I miss her so much..she is still my best friend ... but...

But I believe...I will be fine..everything's are going to be alright..Hope So...

Carol Knight
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