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At what is the monster specifically good and when does he achieve the things that he does well? (tell me about the monster and please provide dates)... |

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When Victor Frankenstein accompanies his family to the village of Chamonix in the Alps, he encounters his creation who urges him to hear his tale of how misery has made him a fiend.  At first the monster relates how he learned to survive and how he secretly cared for a family in Volume 2, Chapters 3-5.  

  • Exceptionally strong, the creature is able to cut large amounts of wood quickly in the night and places it in the pile for the cottage dwellers that he watches and learns from.  When the snow falls, the creature sweeps it away in the night.
  • From listening and watching, the creature learns language.  When a Arabic girl named Safie comes to the cottage, the creature learns to speak as she is taught.  In fact, he

improved more rapidly than the Arabian...I comprehended and could imitate almost every word that was spoken.(II,iv)

  • The cold does not affect him as badly as it does humans, so he can endure it.
  • He can walk long distances.
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