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what are the 3 most important quotes spoken by Lennie, and why is it important

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20 quotes by Lenny Kravitz

On the current line-up of the band:

I always wanted to be in a band, play music together, but for some reason I became a solo artist. I have an amazing band and without musicians of this caliber I wouldn't have made it. I feel that this is my best composition. Each of them met me for a reason. These people will forever be in my life.

On moving his daughter to him:

It was the best thing that happened to me. I had to change my life. I was in the thick of the madness, I needed to focus, and I wanted to focus, and suddenly this happened. I began to gradually change my life. If this hadn't happened, I don't know what would have happened to me now.

About his home in one of the Bahamas:

This place is a memory of my hippie past. Let Love Rule, Are You Gonna Go My Way, Circus, all that stuff. So I'm very glad I bought it. Much in my life is connected with this place: different novels, periods of crisis.

Now I am much more focused. I've finally learned to spend time alone. Fifteen years ago this was not possible. I needed to be surrounded by chaos, conflict, turmoil, fun. For a while, I was forever stoned, sitting in a mother's womb, you know? I guess it was because I didn't want to feel things.

About the tour:

I like it and I don't like it at the same time, you know? I love the stage, I love to play concerts. But everything else… I avoid flights, I prefer to travel around the world on trains and ocean liners during the tour. It's not very convenient, but it gets on my nerves less. To be honest, a lot of time is wasted.

About the concert that Lenny would like to attend with a time machine:

I was lucky, at a very young age, I saw the greatest musicians: James Brown; The Jackson 5 in Madison Square Garden when I was 7; I saw Miles Davis, I saw so many. It seems to me that I would like to see Jimi Hendrix, I did not find him.

I am inspired by my life, my feelings. I don't sit down to write a song, I wait until I feel like writing it. I hear something in my soul, in my head, in the air. And then it happens.

On the guest appearance of the reunited classic Guns N' Roses and his relationship with the band:

Usually I don't participate in such events. But sometimes you do it just to get high. It's an interesting experience. I can't wait to join them to celebrate the reunion together. I went to the same high school as Slash in high school. I've known Axl, Slash and Duff McKagan since they started out. We spent time together and worked together. I wrote Always On The Run with Slash and he also plays Fields Of Joy. These are songs from my album Mama Said.

About his daughter Zoe Kravitz:

She is my best friend. Even if she wasn't my child, I would love her just as much.

About the Strut album:

This music came to me really very quickly. I was on the set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and the music just came to me at night. The whole process took about two weeks, I didn't sleep and wrote the music and then I recorded at my home in the Bahamas.

I don't regret anything, because otherwise it would mean that I don't trust who I want to be. I think that I have learned the lessons of the past, it will help me prepare for the future. But again, I don't regret anything. I have succeeded in this.

On being Lenny Kravitz:

That's wonderful. With ups and downs, ins and outs. It means to be loving and active. I can be different: you can see me as extremely charming, and very boring. This is a real journey.

I had a very rich childhood. I don't mean money, I mean cultural enrichment. I grew up in two different cultures that I had at my disposal. My father is Jewish, my mother is from the Bahamas, but when people ask me if I'm Jewish or someone else, I try to cover both sides. It was a wonderful upbringing that got me involved in everything.

I listened to all kinds of music: classical, jazz, funk, soul, rock, gospel, folk, opera. I sang at the Metropolitan Opera for a couple of seasons, so I had a career as a classical musician at the age of 11-15. It's a very good experience for my music. I learned about arrangement, harmony and theory. These are all the things I use today.

To relax, I listen to Nina Simone, Miles Davis - these are my favorite musicians. If I had to pick one musical hero of mine, it would be Michael Jackson as a child. If I had to choose my favorite song, it would be The Jackson 5 - Never Can Say Goodbye.

In my songs, I just want to say who I am, to say everything that I can't keep inside. Singing sets me free.

People often ask what advice I give to my daughter. But she's so smart and she has such good intuition... I think the knowledge she got when she grew up at home, went on tour with me and was close to her mother gave her everything she needed. So she has everything she needs.

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